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What can slak flowers offer…

We aren’t just a workplace, we are a community and we believe that a person’s future shouldn’t be defined by their past.

A successful applicant who joins SLAK can expect ongoing training, skill
development, a stable income and the opportunity to develop and grow their role at SLAK flowers through a one year contract.

Throughout this year, in addition to on-the-job training, there will be
opportunities to develop skills and confidence beyond floristry. We work closely with our team members and partner industries to ensure a smooth transition into a guaranteed work opportunity on completion of the SLAK flowers contract.

How to be a part of slak…

To join SLAK flowers, the first step is as simple as having a chat with us, to learn more about how we work so you can be sure you want to join the SLAK community.

We aren’t looking at previous jobs or relevant experience. We are focused on your future rather than the past, and your willingness and openness to be a part of the SLAK family.

Initially, upon a successful application, you will join us as an intern for two weeks. During this time there will be ample opportunity for learning new skills and getting to know the team better. If at the end of this period we and most importantly you feel that SLAK flowers is the right fit, we will offer you a one year paid contract and on going skill development program.

We look forward to meeting and having a private and informal chat initially. Your privacy is important to us, so please get in touch however you prefer.

Tel: 1300 752 535

Email: [email protected]

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