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Our goal is simple: to hire people who are experiencing homelessness without exploiting those in need.

About SLAK flowers

Not all people who are experiencing homelessness are unemployed or without opportunities, but for those that are, finding a job can be a never ending struggle. A lack of opportunity, unfounded judgement, and a system designed to hinder rather than support keeps countless doors closed.

Whether this is by choice, due to red-tape, or simply through a lack of access, it’s a problem that for far too long has been left untackled. If a gapless CV or a flawless suit is to define a successful interview, are we truly tapping into someone’s inner passions or talent?

With around 100,000+ people in Australia alone counted as without homes, this is a large part of our communities we are failing. Why?
Thus begins a heart breaking loop. Without employment, a permanent address is hard to come by. Without a permanent address, employment opportunities are seriously limited. It often isn’t a lack of want or dedication to break the cycle, it’s that the cycle has been created by those who simply don’t understand these struggles. People who haven’t taken the time to address and fix these obvious injustices that we have in the modern world.

With around 100,000+ people in Australia alone counted as without homes, this is a large part of our communities we are failing. Why? That’s a very good question. In a country such as Australia, rich in resources, passion and opportunities, we shouldn’t be having these conversations.

We need to move beyond the stereotypes and statistics. Will you join us?
Regardless of the individual reasons people who are experiencing homelessness and the many misinformed or misconceptions that accompany these discussions, we have a duty of care to our fellow humans.

These aren’t just numbers or statistics, these are people with names and dreams. Brothers, sisters, parents or children. Individuals with stories and passions, skills and desires. It’s on this level we want to get to communicate, to care, to get to know each other. It’s at this level we want to spread loving acts of kindness.

At SLAK our team is led by highly experienced and professional florists, but most importantly we exist to provide training, development, and guaranteed employment opportunities for people who are homeless.

We aren’t a charity, because we believe that self-worth and dignity are essential parts of a successful journey.
We believe social entrepreneurship and social enterprises are in a privileged position to truly tackle some of our greatest injustices heads on. One day, one person, one story at a time. While the creation of stable employment and income, training and development is a key part of this story, establishing safe spaces, community, and a commitment to invest and develop (one-year contracts) are equally important.

Every change in this world starts simply with a conversation. An understanding, a meeting-in-the-middle style situation. Through learning, understanding, support and commitment, we can break the cycle so many are needlessly stuck in.

We aren’t a charity, because we believe that self worth and dignity are essential parts of a successful journey. Instead, we believe in investment and development, and hard earned opportunities. By growing confidence and giving individuals the chance to shine, we know a real change can be made.

Between those who wish to join the SLAK training program, your continued custom for our designer flowers, and our ongoing dedication to growth opportunities, together we will all make a difference.

Proudly support a florist with a difference, a social enterprise which creates more prosperous futures and join us in spreading loving acts of kindness through. Click here to begin your journey with us by viewing our range of flowers

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Our mission defined

Spreading loving acts of kindness can take on many forms, from something as paramount as providing life-changing opportunities, to the simple act of gifting a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

At SLAK flowers, we hold our seven core beliefs in our heart and wear them on our sleeve. These are our commitments, our purpose and our mission.

SLAK to…. Possibilities

We offer people who are experiencing homelessness the possibility to enroll as a two week intern, allowing a window to review SLAK flowers is a mutual fit.
Following two weeks of learning and engagement with the training team, a job offer will be made.
We won’t make assumptions, nor get caught up in the past. Together we will focus on the future.
No possibility comes without challenges, no opportunity is always easy. We offer unfettered support in the role, at whatever pace is required.
We believe in the ‘Yes, and’ mindset. Achieved through creativity, curiosity and concepts of learning. We don’t want to just create work possibilities, but possibilities of happiness and joy, of success and community. Our classes and training will support this mindset from day one.

SLAK to… Change

Confidence is a change brought about by time and training. We are as invested in developing confidence in using skills, as we are in developing the skills themselves.
Change can be overwhelming and our structured training program allows for this. There is no one size fits all approach to developing skills.
Change isn’t just about work, it’s about the workplace. Through supportive groups of motivated people, we aim to ensure everyone stands on their own two feet.
Creativity, courage and connection are life learning pursuits and working for SLAK flowers is an inspiring way to keep that commitment.

SLAK to … Transformation

Training and development are nothing without reward, and we believe all workplaces should celebrate the wins of all sizes. Incentives and perks are provided as in any job role.

SLAK to… Trends

Through partnerships and open discussions outside the flower studio, we aim to educate and enlighten other businesses to supporting people who are experiencing homelessness, and invite them to let go of any unfounded stigmas to provide more second chances.

SLAK to… Leadership

The purpose of any job role must be more than that specific role, and thus our training won’t simply focus on the creative skills of floristry, but also grow other skills that can develop into leadership roles.
A stable income, new skills and regaining independence are essential parts of SLAK, but setting up our team to flourish beyond our business is key. We want to ensure our team members leave ready for future careers.

SLAK to… Growth

Personal development, confidence and passions are staple to SLAK. Finding personal purposes and standing proud on our own feet are essential to forward progression. We aim to inspire our team members to achieve this within their one year contract.
Seeking potential partnerships with TAFE (technical and further education) for short courses.

SLAK to… Game changers

Once a member of the SLAK family, always a member of the SLAK family. When our time together ends we know it won’t be goodbye, it’s simply time for another game changer to step into the world and shine. Equipped, empowered, and embarking on their own mission to spread loving acts of kindness.

Our founder: simla sooboodoo

“You are on fire, and your passion and heart will lead you to more and more success. Thank you for being you.”
These were the words Susan Rockefeller used to describe SLAK flowers founder Simla Sooboodoo in 2019, shortly after the screening of the internationally award-winning Dehlight documentary, produced by Sooboodoo at New York Fashion Week.

The film, which tells the story of how a community in a Delhi slum have been empowered through education, self-esteem and new skills, captures the essence of all that Simla believes in and had more importantly been a part of on the ground in India. When international borders closed in 2020, it didn’t take long for Rockefeller’s words to come true, and Simla’s heart led her to founding SLAK flowers.

Founder of the Empowerment Tourism concept and the Hands on Journeys tour company, Sydney based Simla is a passionate believer in creating opportunities and empowering individuals to realise their full potential.

She has travelled the world as a global speaker and initiated and supported countless projects across continents. A firm believer in empowering through skills and employment opportunities, it was natural that one day she would bring this concept back home to Sydney and thus, SLAK flowers was born.

“I never ruled out the value of creating the same social impact in my home country but somehow, I was always engaged in projects outside. So, in a world where all the old rules have been turned upside down, and where the future appears more unpredictable than ever, I needed to reconsider my purpose and I saw an unparalleled opportunity to stand up and own my space to provide real, lasting value in Sydney. I have seen firsthand the immeasurable benefit of providing initial opportunities to people, in the right environment so they can thrive, and every time I am blown away by how people take those small offerings of support and use it to transform their lives” says Simla on the birth of SLAK flowers.

“After all, empowerment is about providing an opportunity for those in a disadvantaged situation to rise out of poverty, it’s about identifying strengths, boosting skills and supplying the tools and training to succeed.”

Simla’s personal story of overcoming her own hardships and challenges, from immigration to near-death experiences has inspired thousands of delegates as a key-note speaker globally. However, it’s the one-on-one connections, in providing opportunities and empowerment to individuals which fire her up more than speaking to any crowd.

So, we invite you to buy different, make a difference. Join us in spreading loving acts of kindness through floristry.